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Dental Examinations

Examinations —

We at Park Place Dental consider it a privilege to provide dental examinations for our surrounding San Mateo communities.

We strive to make sure dental examinations are as pleasant and convenient as possible. Our team of oral specialists and professional hygienists work in tandem to provide our patients the best possible treatment from the moment you schedule your visit to the time you leave Park Place Dental feeling and looking polished and fresh.

Our dental team helps to eliminate problems before they start. Please call our office today to schedule a dental checkup!

While no two patients’ visits’ will be exactly alike, when scheduling an appointment with Park Place’s premier staff, it is typical to expect a few of these routine procedures:

X-rays / Tooth Decay Check / Gum Disease Check / Restoration Check / Oral Cancer Screening / Dental Cleanings

Once the examination is complete, the time has come to provide your smile with a shiny new sheen. At this point, one of our premier hygienists will conduct a thorough cleaning consisting of many steps. These steps will go a long way to maintain your oral health until your next routine visit, leaving you with a fresh mouth and clean feeling happy.

Oral hygiene and health are an essential aspect of life, and here at Park Place Dental, we understand that there are several options for your dental cleanings in San Mateo. It is our firm belief that our commitment to our dental community of patients allows us to stand out from the heard as the best choice for you.